Don’t Worry!

At the end of the last century, around this time of the year, a restaurant appeared in a pretty Black sea town. Time passed day after day, year after year, and restaurants mushroomed somehow unnoticeably, covering the entire Bulgarian territory. The professional interference of PR and Marketing became a must when the growth began requiring control and cultivation. To this end, following a difficult pitch, an agency was engaged to ensure the proper brand development. Unfortunately, the team did not have much time and had to make an outdoor advertisement proposal almost immediately.

A relatively sure and definitely working approach in such cases is the quick play around with the logo! This playing around led to the first vision communicating coziness and comfort, while the next one carried on with the fast service and polite staff.

Actually, the above advantages are characteristic for many competition fast food restaurants, which brought about the next vision focusing on the tasty and healthy food.

The communicating of food automatically led to the next smiley saying how juicy and lean it was.

After the outdoor campaign start, the agency had much more time to develop a long-term communication platform. Based on the product advantages, which are practically characteristic for the entire fast food restaurant category, the team made up several scenarios for short TV commercials with an acute sense of humor in order to discern the brand’s advantages from those of the category. The scenarios were elaborated in storyboards by a huge team of professionals, and then the agency started conducting group discussions and in-depth interviews. Each scenario was put to the test before focus groups of both sexes and at the age of 23-29 years and 30-45 years with average and high income, regular restaurant customers, etc. In other words, each step was measured and done by the book. As wise books read, you can never know the end of the story, unless you have written it! In this particular case, however, the story was being written by many people. Focus groups killed anything childish. None of the stories was understood by the wide audience. The whole team of proved professionals was replaced by another team. Several months of work collapsed for a couple of days. This is a true story fact!

Have you ever had the feeling that something is happening backwards? The work on this project enlightened me that in one half of the Earth there will always be night … or vice versa. The last time I went to a restaurant of this chain to meet a friend of mine I found out that you can still order your Coca Cola with lemon and exchange some words about what is actually happening on the market in a relatively calm atmosphere. Not only on the market of fast food restaurants, but on the market as such. The world experience holds many examples of Marketing co-operation or Co-branding, which has developed the image of some trademarks in a direction appropriate for both sides (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3)! If you are aware of the psychological fact that most commercials are working (selling, successfully communicating, etc.) thanks to their humor, unlike the free information contained in the news of most media such as: ”Old man farted and knocked down a skyscraper”, you have a real chance of creating a working commercial. What happened after the quality research of TV commercial conceptions… everyone from the team felt as if they were walking in the shadow of an elephant in a Swarowski store. Some colleagues emigrated to Uganda, others began watching old movies with Sylvester Stallone, etc., which eventually led us to the thought… „We will not shoot a commercial for the Happy restaurants”! And so… while saying we won’t do it , we shot all characteristic advantages in a 45 second clip without cut …and without the focus groups’ opinion!

  • Project credits
  • Advertising Agency:Ogilvy & Mather
  • Creative Direction: Antonia Evrova
  • Art Direction: Ivailo Zlatkov
  • Copywrite: Milko Stoyanov
  • Production House: SIA
  • DOP: Dimitar Gotchev
  • Director: Dimitar Mitovski
  • Public Relations: Rossitza Donkova
  • Media Planning: Maria Milanova
  • Account Management: Radoslav Minchev
  • Brand Management: Vassil Petev
  • Client: Happy Restaurants Bulgaria