Every project may flow wonderfully if things happen on friendly terms. Through the years I have come round to the opinion that it is great madness to play in two teams - Assignor and Assignee. In most cases this hinders work and development. The moment this pseudo wall falls, the picture obtains a new look. Three years ago I got a call from friends of mine with whom we have worked together on more than one project, and said: “We are nominated for a big movie festival, and we don’t have a website of the movie”. Next morning we were sitting with a cup of coffee and cigarette, ready for the pre-premiere review.

The work on Georgi and the Butterflies is among the few projects on which I have raged with 100% pleasure. When your soul and mind are free from any unnecessary information and the Assignor knows what it is like to create something for an audience from 5 to 105 years old, then everything happens for several days, with minimal number of clicks of the mouse.

  • Project credits
  • Creative Studio:Dekaos
  • Creative Direction: Yavor Panchev
  • Project Management: Radoslav Minchev
  • Client: Agitprop