Since a game has been played by advertising agency and marketing department, it is much easier to find balance between creativity and sales. One of the advertising business old men has said:”Nobody’s watching TV to see your ad”. This thought was much stronger when television was at its dawn, not its decline. At the time when torrent revolution and online videos hadn’t started to overflow the entertainment business and I had been playing for several years behind the scenes of an advertising agency and marketing department, I took part in a project related to a brand which had been known in the market for years and for which I had worked on both sides, and in the given case I was exactly in the middle. The client had signed a contract for the exclusive presence of his range of products with the biggest film distributor in Bulgaria, holding a chain of cinema halls and video stores. It was about building up a consumer habit - Chips and Movies.

You go to the cinema, buy a ticket, something to drink, snacks and sit comfortably so that the only pre-movie ad could hit you. Pleasant job, with enough ground for creative work - TV spot, posters, cinema programs, branding of all movies released on DVD - what more could you possibly want? From one question mark we created the whole communication platform. All the time, while working on this project, there was this other question: “Movies, big cinema halls… but there are so many video stores and isn’t it more pleasant to watch the movie at home?”

It is this question exactly that made us buy thousands of boxes of VHS cassettes and DVD and search for a new communication channel. It’s nice to use exclusively the big cinema halls, but with the hundreds of video stores the world became different. The question mark obtained a character compared to the movie genres.

The most interesting thing to me was how the new communication channel turned into a distribution one!

  • Project credits
  • Creative Studio: Dekaos
  • Creative Direction: Yavor Panchev
  • Art Direction: Andrian Dimitrov
  • Concept: Radoslav Minchev
  • Brand Management: Biliana Deneva
  • Client: Intersnack Bulgaria