Golden or Yellow?

Yellow or golden? They’re both pretty much the same to me, but when it comes to brands competing in one and the same branch, the matter is more of a “Coca-Cola or Pepsi?” kind. During the last two years quite many players entered the business directories and guides field. At present the leader in the market are Yellow pages and Golden pages, as the latter are by default placed in a slight image shadow. I’ve known the first ones’ representative for years and he’s among the few friends of mine who like to work at night like me. Several months ago we chatted about the ability to lead or to follow the way. An infinite philosophic theme that you can dwell upon for hours over a nice coffee and aromatic tobacco with utmost pleasure. The history of telephone directories with yellow pages started at the time of the most renowned detective of all times and will soon celebrate its 130th jubilee. Yes, my thought brought me right there, to the recesses of the so called ME2 brands, to my former experience with such cases and positioning based on traditions. “Imitate or Innovate?” is one of my favourite cliches in marketing, which I decided to clean from the dust for this project and add some character to this specific search in the yellow-golden guides.

Here’s how the same-year-born Yellow pages and Sherlock Holmes were joined together on one cover, and friends from Ashley & Holmes supported the concept in giving it a regional weight. The main communication channel and information carrier in this case are the directories themselves, and the big towns’ monuments, in which they are distributed, added to it the weight and tradition that are usually lost in the leading position competition.

I am convinced that within 5 years this race and business will be mainly online and paper will be substituted with powerful internet portals and cutting edge user experience.

  • Project credits
  • Advertising Agency: Ashley & Holmes
  • Creative Direction: Kiril Zlatkov
  • Art Direction: Miglena Papazova
  • Brand Management: Stefan Popadiin
  • Concept: Radoslav Minchev
  • Client: Yellow Pages Bulgaria