Go 4 Gold

Have you ever heard of an Account Executive? This is the attractive position they give to all freshmen in the advertising agencies which includes coordinating a mess of several dozens activities happening between rushed clients, spaced-out artists, focused media planners and a ton of financial paperwork. In the end of 2001 I joined Ogilvy & Mather in such type of position and one of my first projects was Zagorka Gold.

Positioning and communicating a brand in a market of young and dynamic people is not an easy job especially when the client’s portfolio includes brands like Heineken, Amstel, Murphy’s and 4-5 more local brands. On top of this you add the portfolios of the two other strongest world beer leaders, some alcoholic mixed drinks as well as a whole additional universe of all cool brands popular among the young status seekers and then you get a good idea about the task. One of the toughest details was that for many years this beer was known under the name Zagorka Gold to one generation, and now the company wanted to bring up only Gold for people like me. The umbrella brand Zagorka, the elder brother Heineken and the Brewinvest corporation had to keep a low profile, an approach that has been used by many customers before. And so… to summarize… Local Premium segment representing 1.5% of the total market volume and 3.6% of the market value… approximately 700,000 people target market, 25 to 30 years old, men and women, progressive and expressive. The brand to them needed to have the emotional appeal of … “it demonstrates my personal sophistication, status, success and refined style” but the naked truth was closer to “am I cool enough to drink Zagorka Gold, instead of some of the world brands from the Premium segment (Stella Artois, Grolsh, Carlsberg, Beck’s, Tuborg, Corona etc.)”

I’ve always thought that the key to the successful advertisement is in the ability to get into your target market’s skin, but at this time I was drinking really cheap liquor on the streets and the brands closest to my heart included Volcom and Burton, and I couldn’t care less about what kind of beer I was drinking as long as it was cold enough. While seeking sufficiently emotional meaning combined with a sexy and fashionable taste we concluded that we needed people with unique charisma who would be the opinion leaders in their communities. A fashion model from the cover of a lifestyle magazine, chocolates and alcoholic beverages promoter, a face control person from a popular night club and a Mig-29 pilot… 4 people, 4 print layouts, 4 outdoor layouts… Go 4 Gold!

Looking at where the brand is several years later… back to the well known Zagorka Gold name, in a new bottle and with a new design and a new taste… I wonder how healthy it is and is it an easy task to spin the kitchen for a new round?

  • Project credits
  • Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
  • Creative Direction: Antonia Evrova
  • Art Direction: Kiril Zlatkov
  • Production House: AgitProp
  • DOP: Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov
  • Account Management: Radoslav Minchev
  • Media Planning: Anastasia Kolcheva
  • Brand Management: Kiril Hadjidinev
  • Client: Heineken Bulgaria